Gamebee Studio

How to Publish

Step 1

Submit your game for review.

Step 2

Our QA team will evaluate the potential of your game and our representative will get in touch with you to discuss the proceedings.

Step 3

Our engineers will help you integrate our in house plugin and other monetization sdks.

Step 4

We will publish your game on CTV platforms(Smart TV).

Step 5

We will market and monetize your game and you enjoy profits generated by the game.


Gamebee Studio is a global game publishing and production company specializing in CTV platforms (Smart TV). We play a critical role in the gaming industry by helping developers to publish and monetize their games and reach a wider audience. We also ensure that games are released on time and are of high quality.

As a publisher, we do the following key things:


We help distribute the finished game to retailers, digital distribution platforms, and other outlets. This includes arranging to produce physical copies of the game, as well as ensuring that the game is available for download on various digital platforms.

We create and execute marketing campaigns to promote the game to potential buyers. This includes creating trailers, running ads, and reaching out to media outlets to secure coverage.

We ensure that the game meets certain quality standards before release. This includes testing the game for bugs and other technical issues, as well as ensuring that the game is fun and engaging for players.

We help developers protect their intellectual property by securing trademarks and copyrights and enforcing their rights against infringers.

We provide ongoing support for games after release, including releasing updates and patches to fix bugs and add new features, as well as providing customer service to help players with technical issues.


With more than 10+ million downloads, we are more than just a game development and publishing company.


We’ll work with you to build monetization strategies that diversify the revenue streams in your games.


You will receive 50% of profits generated by the game.

Get Development Support

Our engineers will help you to integrate our in-house plugins and other SDKs.


We offer developers a hassle free on boarding process and pain-free partnership legal formalities.