Air Assault

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game overview

Battleground Heroes” offers intense helicopter combat, with 30 challenging missions and a variety of weapons. Realistic graphics and immersive sound enhance the experience as you navigate treacherous terrains and strategize to outsmart enemy forces. It’s a game that demands quick reflexes and tactical thinking for survival.

Action, Adventure
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Intense Helicopter Combat

Engage in adrenaline-pumping helicopter battles, taking control of state-of-the-art attack choppers to combat enemy forces

Diverse Mission Challenges

With 30 meticulously designed levels, each mission presents unique obstacles and enemies, demanding precision, courage, and resourcefulness.

Powerful Arsenal

Equip yourself with a range of destructive weapons, including sniper rifles and rocket launchers, for ground, air, and sea engagements

Realistic Immersion

Experience stunning graphics, immersive sound effects, and dynamic environments that bring the warzone to life, from the shimmering canopy reflections to intricate terrains.

Strategic Gameplay

Plan your approach, prioritize targets, and utilize tactical maneuvers to outwit and outmaneuver enemy forces, making quick reflexes and strategic thinking crucial for survival.